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The initiative focuses on the challenges faced by communities in the rural villages of Makhado - Musina (Limpopo, South Africa).

Everything you should know

Mveledziso is a borrowed word from the Vhavenda people, which simply means development.

Mvelediso seeks to inspire change within various communities in the makhado -musina communities. It will touch on most relevant challenges faced by those communities, issues such as poverty, lack of jobs more especially for the youth, lack of running water, lack of proper roads, lack enough secondary schools that offer all streams of subjects, more especially Mathematics, Physical science, Economics and others, lack community halls; lack of clinics; lack of skills and lack of many other important things.

Our Objectives

  • To assist and facilitate community development.
  • Inspire and advocate for change.
  • Community awareness and youth development.
  • Get Involved in community outreach programs.

We are an initiative that acts as a voice of the community to address issues in order to improve lives. There is a quite number of child-headed families within these communities, somewho are victims of HIV/AIDS. We also have the orphanage homes in which are trying by all means to assist the orphans and making sure that they are well taken care of, physically, socially, mentally and emotionally.

Mveledziso is a collaborative initiative started by Rent Minds Africa while we were working on the Documentary Short Film, we wanted the project to have a lasting impact on the communities we engage with.

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